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"John has the wonderful talent to engage both kids and adults alike. His interactive approach to storytelling lets all of us become part of the fun!"

--C.J Hirschfield, Executive Director

Children's Fairyland

"A sincere mahalo from the Waikiki Aquarium. Thank you so much. It was delightful to see the expressions and interaction of the keiki and adults. Having you with us this past Saturday was a 'Christmas gift' indeed."

-- MaryLou Foley,

Director of Community Outreach

Waikiki Aquarium

"Thank you again for coming to help us celebrate our birthday. The guests seemed to really enjoy the storytelling. You kept them captivated."

--Liane Usher, Director

Hawaii Children's Discovery Center

"The children showed up the next week reciting lines from your stories and asking if you were here again...they really wanted to hear more stories from you. While you were here, the parents kept commenting to me. All of them pretty much saying, "He's good!" I was so pleased. It was great for all of us. Thank you very much. Well done!"

--School Librarian, Encinal Elementary, Atherton, CA

“Your storytelling performance held the attention of everyone, from babies and toddlers to preschoolers and parents. The choice of stories was excellent, involving participation from the audience, humor, magic, and fun! The show was very well paced and very polished. Your training as an actor is clearly evident…”

-- Penny Peck, San Leandro Public Library

“Your manner with the children was delightful! You were friendly and openly expressed your enjoyment in sharing time with them. Your stories were very age-appropriate; I appreciate the manner in which you adjust for the ages of your audience. Your techniques for engaging children in participation was very successful. Your ability to manage group behavior was very skilled. We’re eager to see you again soon!”

–Reading Specialist, Marilyn Avenue Elementary, Livermore|

"I really appreciate you being a part of our staff development day, your presentation was very uplifting. Literacy development is so important in our field so I support the work that you do. Thank you again so much and I will keep you in mind for future events."

--CCLC Downtown Palo Alto

"Thanks so much for the wonderful storytelling concert on Saturday. The audience was completely absorbed in your stories. I saw several children who were so engrossed that they stood up during the Anansi tale and responded to the actions and characters. Well done! It was a wonderful afternoon!"

--Kathleen Coleman, Sunnyvale Library

"The jury has deliberated and found you to be...fantastic! You had the children (and adults in the room) highly entertained while you deftly handled the littler kids who had a hard time sitting still. Thank you so much for referring the children to the library at the end. It was a very powerful message on the heels of your expert storytelling, helping to foster the idea that stories and reading are fun. I wonder how many children attempted to check out Juan Bobo last week. Thank you! We look forward to including you in our programming in the future. I will personally be recommending you to friends who are looking for children's entertainment."

--Congregational Church of San Mateo

"Thank you again for telling stories to our kids last week. The families enjoyed it, as did the staff! The energy and enthusiasm you brought were great, and there was lots of laughter at all the unexpected juxtapositions (tiny, cute, and adorable dragons... counting and greeting in various languages, etc.)."

--Karen Engle, Daly City Library, West Lake Branch

"I really enjoyed your fractured tales and how you engaged the kids as well as adults. You have a really good handle on your audience. I liked how you told the kids about their telling stories. In our techy world, we've lost a lot of self-creativity."

--Atascadero Library

"Thanks to you, John. ...those who were in attendance had a wonderful time and my sons have been telling stories at home all week, inspired by you! We will definitely have you back in the future..."

--Paso Robles City Library

"We all had a great time at your storytelling sessions. I hope to see your show again."

--San Luis Obispo Library

"Thank you very much for coming to the Morro Bay Branch Library...I know those who attended really enjoyed your performance."

--Morro Bay Library

"Thanks John! I heard a lot of laughter so I think the kids really enjoyed your stories. You were very easy to work with from booking to performance, and I look forward to having you back some time in the future."

--Kelly Keefer, San Leandro Library

"You were a hit with our students and staff. Will you please keep me posted about when you will be in the neighborhood? We would love to have you back when it is convenient for you. Even again this year if your schedule allows."

--Ballard School, Solvang

"Thank you John for coming in to tell stories! I heard that everyone had a great time."

--San Luis Obispo Children's Museum

"Thanks so much for coming to Alameda. We loved hosting your performance and look forward to having you back in the future."

--Eva Volin, Alameda Free Library

“…your presentation was exactly as we had hoped. I enjoyed you and so did the kids. You did a nice job of addressing all of the issues we were learning about, either by way of explanation or, more importantly by way of your example and live performance. ..we are unanimous in feeling that the afternoon was a huge success”

--J.G., Homeschool Association Organizer

“You have a way of bringing literature to life in a way that makes your audience part of the story. Our students always have a great time watching, and listening, and never get tired of seeing you perform.”

--Croce Elementary PTA, Livermore

"We were so glad that you came! The kids and parents really enjoyed it; all the feedback we've gotten has been really positive. We will definitely keep you in mind for next year! :-)"

--Montevideo Elementary, San Ramon

"Thank you again as it was such a big hit. Thanks again and hope to work with you in the future".

--CCLC Shores, Redwood City, CA

"What a wonderful day for our preschoolers! Your stories and songs are charming and engaging. It is really special to watch a room full of children lit up with excitement about storytelling. We look forward to seeing you next school year!"

--Dorris-Eaton Preschool, Alamo, CA

“John Weaver is fantastic! He is not only a terrific and engaging storyteller, but he also knows his audience and is able to moderate them well.”

--Barbara S., Library Patron

"We saw you perform recently…and I just wanted to tell you what a big hit you were with my 3 1/2 year old. She (and we) really loved your storytelling and she also drew pictures of the stories when she got home."

--L.B., Parent

“I just wanted to thank you again…you did an AWESOME job! I could’ve listened to stories for a lot longer. Looking at the children while they were listening…they were having a blast. They had huge smiles on their faces and a twinkle in their eye! …(the) parents I talked to all thought you were great…and we had a fantastic turnout.”

–Krey Elementary, Brentwood

(My boys) think you're the greatest story teller around. Thanks for instilling a love for reading in my sons. You helped to get them started on reading.

--R.J., library mom

“I would travel far and pay good money just to hear you…what a treasure! Your example has inspired my reading…Thank you one-hundred times over!”

–DD, Bookstore Patron/Parent

“The children had a fun and exciting time. The animation and enthusiasm you displayed during your performances was a treat for all.”

--Primary Plus School, San Jose

"Special thanks to John Weaver for making story times a magical experience for young and old!"

--G.L., Library Patron

"John Weaver is always fantastic, engaging and fun."

--Storytime parent

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